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Expense Express Updates

adSOFT's maintenance philosophy includes not only bug fixes but continuous improvement and evolution of its software products.

The current series of the Expense Express software product is v5450 which includes enhanced legacy as well as .NET applications.

The current version of many of the major components is listed in the table below.


Version Released

v5450 Expense Express Legacy

Expense Manager Build 152 - November 2005
Transaction Builder Build 148 - October 2005
Server Build 139 - September 2005
Web Link Build 128 - August 2005
Messenger Build 110 - July 2005
Expense Express PC Build 82 - April 2005

v5450 Expense Express .NET

Operations Monitor Build 122 - August 2005
TEMS Reporting v2.2 - July 2005
Table Editor v4.1 - July 2005
EMail Manager v2.2 - June 2005

Expense Express Updates

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